Surrey Youth Theatre Presents

The Jungle Book – April 30th, 2023 – Not South Rock – but we love youth theatre!

SYTCO presents
Based on the stories by Rudyard Kipling

13750 88 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 3L1
2:00 AND 6:00 PM


Celebrating SYTCO’s 26th year🎉🎭

This is a story about Mowgli and his jungle-dwelling friends. Protected and guided by Baloo, Bagheera, and Mother and Father Wolf, Mowgli discovers challenges and dangers that test his strength and friendships. Yet he finds that when he is in peril, the ones who truly care for him are never that far behind.

It’s up to Mowgli to figure out where it is he truly belongs.

“Mowgli is how all children are when they start off in the world,” says playwright Banks “Just curious, unafraid, energetic, excited about the world.”

“It has a contemporary interpretation of the animal characters that connects it to our own human experience in a more intentional way.”  It is still a story about a young boy who is facing the challenges of growing up.

Rudyard Kipling first began writing stories in the late 19th century as he and his wife were awaiting the birth of their first child. Inspired to write something magical, Kipling drew from his own experiences of living in India (his birthplace and home for many years during his young adulthood). His fond memories served as inspiration for The Jungle Book.

Banks strips out the colonial overtones in Kipling’s The Jungle Book and plays on the nostalgia of Kipling’s tales; but this rendition is a modern retelling for the stage.

This new adaptation is perfect for children and families to enjoy together and recommended for ages 6 and up. (Please note, this is not the Disney version)

Directed by @pendletonsusan
Assistant Director –  @marinacyr
Assisted by Shulamite Mlobela